Machines for the woodworking industry

Finger jointing machines and lines of the highest quality and economy.

One type of finger jointing

We offer customized solutions for single machines and complete plants.

  • Compact finger jointing machines
  • Packetwise finger jointing machines
  • Horizontal finger jointing lines
  • For carrying components
  • For the furniture industry
  • For the door industry
  • For the window industry

Packetwise finger jointing machine for short wood

Compact finger jointing machine for long wood

Complete finger jointing line with:
  • Tilt-hoist destacker
  • Marking station
  • Buffer zone for quality grades
  • Moisture content meter
  • Defect removal saw
  • Outfeed rollerway with ejection to the left/to the right
  • Transfer to the compact finger-jointer
  • Automatic compact finger-jointer having a pressing power of 30 tons, for horizontal and vertical jointing with shoulder
  • Transfer to the mouldere
  • Double deck cross storage
  • Transfer to the glue pouring equipment

Chip plates, wood fibreboards and processing machines

  • Automatic plants for the production of chip and wood fibreboards OSB, MDF and other plates for the building industry and furniture industry
  • Lines for the production of wall and cover panels, floor coverings, lasts etc.

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